‘Going back to my roots’

I have always been an admirer of the work produced by Bristish potter Dame Lucie Rie for her forms. She was the first potter that I took note of, her works inspired by her interest in architecture and archaeology. She fled from Austria during the rise of the second world war and came to London.

Nick Homoky: was a Tutor of mine at Bristol UWE and his techniques for hand finishing have stayed with me. The quality of line and inlay into a porcelain body is my starting point for hand building.

Walter Keeler: again a Tutor and Professor of Ceramics, I remember happy days with fondness, building a salt kiln and ‘messing around’  with wet bags of rock salt, throwing them into the kiln at the right temperature. The inside of the kiln was a work of art in itself. (shame no pictures).