Moving to Romsey and opening a studio…

It’s nearly a year on from the start of my project ideas and progress has been a little slower than hoped. Although this has given me time to think hard about what I will be making and how. My ideas have continued to develop to a point where I am now ready to start thinking about setting up my studio space and investing in time, energy to produce a range of moulds for various pieces.

Moving to Romsey will give me access to suitable space that I can utilise for making and, situated in the heart of the market town, a beautiful setting which to market during the holiday seasons. This will be the first time since qualifying over 25 years ago that I will be working in a studio making with clay… so exciting times ahead.

The work horse: To get started I will be sourcing a Paragon 13 amp single phase kiln from

Firing to earthenware temperatures.             Settling on a black clay from Bath potters supplies.

Chocolate Black fires to produce a warm brown-black at eathenware temperatures, which becomes a more intense black when glazed. High pigment levels restrict the firing of this clay to the below firing range.

Recommended firing range 1040-1120C

Chocolate Black Clay 1130

Experimenting with temperatures for colour intensity and  inlaying white clay to create my designs will carry me  through the summer ready for the winter and Christmas build up.

I’m looking forward to my first firing and producing test pieces. In the next few months.