BBC 4 Ceramics… How they work


It’s not just about the pottery!

I stumbled on this programme last night… absolutely brilliant! Anyone who thinks that working with clay is purely a craft experience is only seeing part of the much larger picture regarding the importance of ceramics and its uses within the modern built and technology environment.

Professor  Mark Miodowenik discusses the history of the use of ceramics all of the way up to contemporary architecture. It frustrates me greatly when those who claim to be in the know about materials and their working properties only see clay as good for crafting ‘making teapots’ (whilst noble)  ignoring the technology advancements behind the material and the tools required to work it. Beyond the permutations of silica based materials  from earthenware, stoneware and porcelain… what about concrete, glass and technical ceramics such as super conductors, fibre optics and the silicon integrated circuit!

A fantastic BBC 4 technology based programme that show cases the far reaching uses and technical aspects of all silica based materials that we have been using since the earliest estimated time of 29,000 to 25,000 BC. From the manufacturing processes down to the changes occurring at the atomic level.

Watch out for it on iplayer